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Cuts & styling

Cutting techniques are forever changing so all our team keep up to date and refresh their creative side of hairdressing. Cutting is a very bespoke service as is styling a clients hair so flair and creativity is very important.

Our talented team of experienced stylists can provide a wide range of hair cuts and styles including hair up and red carpet hair.


  • Toner will enhance your colour by altering the depth and tone this is a backwash service which will wash out.
  • Root / Base Colour Application is a pacific colour applied directly onto the scalp and roots, this service does not use any foil.
  • Base Colour and Foils is a colour applied to the root area and Foils are also placed into the hair wherever is felt necessary.
  • Half Head Foil is the use of foil to refresh the highlights but is only the top area sides and crown, use one or more colours.
  • Full Head Foil is foil application where foils are placed to cover most of your hair, one or more colour can be used and generally a toner would be used to enrich the old colour.
  • Balayage is a creative freehand colour technique which uses one or more colours with root drag and blending methods.
Model with curly hair.

Curl-by-Curl® method cut

Curl-By-Curl is a unique technique that is used to cut naturally curly hair and works with the natural fall of the hair, the results are amazing.

We are curly hair specialists with our stylists Kendra, Niamh and Lee-Anne all trained in the Curl-by Curl method cut and offer range of curly hair services at our salon in Heaton Chapel, Stockport.

Read more about the Curl-by-Curl method cut

Technical hair treatments

As well as our expertise in colouring and hair cutting, we also provide additional hairdressing services.

  • Relaxer for anyone who wants their unruly hair smoothing to give better control.
  • Wella-Plex Treatments helps the hair to bond itself back to its natural state give longevity to any colour services you have.

Thinning hair treatments

Special Services for clients with thinning hair are more common than ever these days, we use a Levenhuk Microscope to analyse your hair structure and scalp to help with the correct products to use.

We are trained in thinning Hair treatments using Nioxin which will help if your loosing more hair than normal or if you have scalp irritation.

Please note this is not a hair replacement procedure.

Men’s hair cuts

Men’s hair cutting includes shampooing, head massage, complimentary refreshments, cutting and texturising the hair using scissors as well as traditional barbering tools,

Product advise is also given to help you style your hair everyday.

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