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Our senior stylist Kendra has also made use of her naturally curly hair, over the past few years she has also spent time looking into the right products and new techniques specifically for Naturally Curly Hair.

She had the pleasure of working with Mathew James who was trained by Lorraine Massey in New York, Lorraine’s book ‘Curly Girl; The Handbook’ became an instant best seller.

Kendra completed the Curl-By-Curl@ course and combined with the results of her own research into curly hair techniques and products she has also trained our stylists Lee-Anne and Niamh in Curl-By-Curl.

We are offering consultations to anyone who may be thinking of using their natural curly hair, if you need advice on styling, shape and products then please contact us.

How it works

  • You should arrive for your appointment with pre washed hair and without product on, also please don’t tie your hair back or pin it up.
  • You will then have a consultation to discuss all aspects of your hair, the shape and what you would like to have done.
  • How you maintain your hair at home, which kind of products you prefer to use and any issues that you have with your hair.
  • All curly hair is different so not all the same products are right for each person, so it is important to establish what you have tried and what you think works and what doesn’t with your hair.
  • Once you are happy we will cut your hair using the Curl By Curl technique at this point your hair is dry or damp.
  • After this procedure your hair will be shampooed using a recommended Curl shampoo and Conditioner which is Sulphate free, we only use biodegradable towels on our Curl By Curl clients.
  • After shampooing your hair it is then cut again only to check the balance and shape and going over ares that might need to be shorter.
  • Your hair is then dried or left to dry naturally again using the correct styling products.

Curly Hair Tips

  • Avoid heat – Too much heat will damage and alter the natural texture and curl pattern.
  • Sulphate Free Products – Although regular shampoos clean effectively they contain sodium sulphate which can be harsh on your curls, stripping your hair of the natural oils (sebum) your scalp produces. Deep conditioning at least once a month is equally as important to maintain moisture as it takes longer for the natural oils to reach the ends of your curls.
  • Ditch the towel – Fibres in towels latch onto your curl disrupting the natural formation and soak up moisture. Swap for a micro-fibre towel or cotton t-shirt to minimise friction, frizz and breakage.
  • Wet styling – It is easier to apply and distribute products evenly on wet or damp hair. After styling do not touch again until 100% dry. Using a diffuser on a low heat can help encourage a defined curl pattern.
Model with curly hair.
  • Banish the brush – Using a brush can cause damage and breakage instead opt for a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle whilst your hair is saturated with conditioner.
  • Dry cut – Curly hair has a spring factor therefore you will not get the same shape when wet or straightened. A dry cut will ensure a personalised, even hair cut.
  • Pineapple – Gathering your hair on top of your head in a loose scrunchies or scarf and sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will maintain moisture and reduce frizz during the night. Remove and refresh or spot treat any unruly curls after.
  • Do not compare your curls – Admiration for and inspiration from others is amazing but learning to love and embrace the curls you were given is where it all begins!

Book an appointment

You can make an appointment now via our online booking form, call the salon on 0161 432 5140, social media or emailing us.